Biting Back Symposium

mac Birmingham, Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, B12 9QH

Join us for a day of inspiration, discussion and debate to find out how the arts are biting back!


  • Inspirational speakers sharing stories from around the world – Athens, Madrid, Johannesburg, Londonderry
  • Real examples of artist led projects that engage effectively with local communities
  • Opportunities to meet artists, producers and organisations and to create new alliances and networks

Biting Back is an opportunity to bring together arts sector professionals and individual artists with inspirational speakers who will be giving real examples of successful partnerships in engaged arts practice in austere cultural landscapes.

The event will offer an opportunity to hear from speakers with experience of working through economic scarcity, political or cultural opposition. These artists and brokers will share strategies for continuing practice, as well as take part in discussions around sustainable arts development.


  • Peter Jenkinson (Cultural broker with international experience)
  • Christiana Galanapoulou (Artistic Director of MIR Festival in Athens)
  • Airan Berg (Artistic Director of EU Capital of culture Linz & recent international work in Istanbul)
  • Jordi Claramonte (part of the artist’s collective at La Tabacalera, a cultural social centre in Madrid)
  • A host of Birmingham based artists and arts organisations who make significant work in the city with global partners

Early Bird (up to March 14th)
£25 (organisation) | £20 (individual) | £15 (concession)

After 14th March:
£30 (organisation) | £25 (individual) | £20 (concession)

For more detail and to find out about our speakers, activity and conversation visit

Presented by Sampad and mac Birmingham in association with Birmingham City Council.

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