BEDLAM: Bridge (12A)

Midlands Arts Centre  |  Cinema  |  Cannon Hill Park  | B12 9QH

Includes Q&A with Director Amit Ranjan Biswas

An inspirational and multi award-winning film, Bridge is a heart-warming story of the chance meeting of two suicidal strangers on a Bridge over the river Ganges. Both experiencing immense emotional turmoil, their meeting brings great challenges but eventually, ‘healing’ and wholeness to both lives.
Directed by Amit Ranjan Biswas as his debut film, made with a shoe string budget and a group of passionate and reputed international cast and crew, this indie film provides an unique transformative quality to the genre of drama.

Suitable for 12A

Bengali – English subtitles









Presented by MAC and Sampad in partnership with Birmingham Indian Film Festival for BEDLAM Arts & Mental Health Festival

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