futuretheatre showcase: double bill 90 Days // Invisible

Midlands Arts Centre, (Foyle Studio), Cannon Hill Park, B12 9QH.

Come and support the creative process at staged rehearsed readings of two exciting new plays in development by local writers.

90 Days by Ashok Patel
Dramaturgy by Ola Animashawun

1972, Uganda. Despite the long-standing tensions between Asian Ugandans and native Ugandans, the Mavanis and their live-in workers the Zulukas have successfully lived side by side in harmony for generations, almost as one family. Sudesh Mavani has just taken over his father’s electrical business and is desperate to live up to his father’s legacy. Wynnie Zuluka wants to build a future for herself away from the Mavanis, but her dream of owning a food business is out of reach, as banks won’t lend to Black Ugandans.

When President Idi Amin decrees the expulsion of all Asian Ugandans within 90 days, loyalties are tested and power shifts…

90 Days is a play inspired by real events.

Invisible by Daniel Anderson
Dramaturgy by Jouvan Fucinni

Set in Birmingham 2025, in a crime-riddled and divided Kingdom, fearful of revolutionaries after a recent failed coup, an Artificial Intelligence known as the Guv’nor is installed in a new supermax prison to tend to all prisoner needs, maintain order and serve justice.

When Pastor Richards sees the mistreatment of prisoners by a machine, his conscience demands that he acts in their defence. But is he willing to pay the price for the freedom of others?

A futuristic drama about politics, social injustice and technology’s ability to care for man.

What is futuretheatre showcase?

The showcase is two staged rehearsed readings of exciting new plays that futuretheatre has been developing with two local writers. You are invited to be part of the creative process in supporting the writers to take their plays to the next level. Come and enjoy a great night of new work in development.

Produced by Toyin Omari -Kinch
Directed by Jouvan Fucinni

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Midlands Arts Centre, (Foyle Studio), Cannon Hill Park, B12 9QH.


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