PERSEVERANCE and ROUTES – double bill of classical South Asian music

Midlands Arts Centre (Hexagon Theatre)

The zerOclassikal project presents a double bill of South Asian classical music.

PERSEVERANCE by Jonathan Mayer

Jonathan is interested in exploring the vulnerability of hope. He uses music to express beauty, which he believes can help us survive the harshness of our modern world. Perseverance reimagines South Asian classical music as a contemporary genre to explore important current issues and subjects.

Jonathan aims to pioneer progression within Indian Classical Music, and to inspire other musicians to explore expression through the genre’s rich tradition and heritage.

“Many Indian music collaboration projects in the past have looked towards bridging cultural gaps while not focusing on development within the genre. We are looking at specific Indian classical elements to see how we can create new material” – Jonathan Mayer.

Artists: Jonathan Mayer (sitar), Steve Tromans (piano), Tymoteusz Jozwiak (drums), Mitel Purohit (tabla)

ROUTES by Giuliano Modarelli

Versatile guitarist Giuliano Modarelli uses the notion of the drone (a continuous note) to incorporate sounds of dub and spiritual jazz to Indian Classical music. Without changing the core repertoire of classical music, Giuliano manipulates sounds to create a new timbre to the music and re-thinks how new sounds can influence the Classical style by using a non-traditional instrument. In Routes, he creates a live score that organically develops with the unfolding of the raga, introducing a new approach to Hindustani classical music.

This piece has been co-commissioned by Gem Arts – a Newcastle based arts organisation at the forefront of presenting South Asian arts.

Artists: Giuliano Modarelli (Guitar), Deepa Nair Rasiya (Vocal), Al Macsween (Keyboard), Joost Hendrickx (Drums)


The zerOclassikal project offers radical and experimental approaches to South Asian classical music, as well offering a platform for the next generation of British South Asian classical music.


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