TRI & EKA: double bill of contemporary and classical Indian dance (SOLD OUT)

Midlands Arts Centre, Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, B12 9QH

Please note: We are sorry but this event has sold out.

Classical and contemporary Indian dance intertwine in this dynamic double bill, performed by world-class dance talent and accompanied by skilled live musicians.

Some of the most exciting young talent in South Asian dance come together in TRI & EKA, merging classical and contemporary interpretations of love, female empowerment and the world around us.


Love and devotion are explored in a series of solos by the captivating Bharatanatyam dancer Anaya Bolar (BBC Young Dancer 2015 & 2017). TRI culminates in an emotive duet with Kathak artist Shyam Dattani (BBC Young Dancer 2017), and accompanied by beautiful melodies performed live by skilled musicians.

The dance artists embody human emotion by applying a contemporary spin to classical South Asian hand movements, facial expressions, and story-telling.

Choreography: Preeti Bharadwaj, Brigha Bessel, Anaya Bolar & Shyam Dattani
Performers: Anaya Bolar & Shyam Dattani
Musicians: Gurdain Singh Ryatt, Shyla Kumar & Abhiram Sahathevan


Emiko, Kesha and Anaya as EKA, by Seetal Kaur

For the second piece in this double bill, Anaya is joined by Emiko Jane Ishii and Kesha Raithatha to form the entrancing female trio, EKA.  The dancers honour feminine energy through their mesmerising movements, conveying their unity and strength as a group.

EKA takes inspiration from the Hindu concept of the Tridevi, the three goddesses of learning, wealth and power, and imagines their place in a modern world.

Choreography: Subhash Viman Gorania
Performers: Anaya Bolar, Emiko Jane Ishii & Kesha Raithatha
Artistic Advisor: Gary Clarke
Costume: Giulia Scrimieri
Visual Artist: Lorna Dunn & G Sian
Lighting: Sam Burns
Props: Kate Unwin

Supported by Arts Council England, Sampad, Phizzical & Chitraleka Dance Company.

Lead image Anaya Bolar by Simon Richardson.

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