Lakshmi Holmstrom MBE

Sampad was saddened to hear of the passing of our long-time friend and collaborator Lakshmi Holmström MBE.

Lakshmi was an Indian-born British writer and literary critic, and one of the greatest translators of Tamil fiction into English.

She was the founder-trustee of SALIDAA (South Asian Diaspora Literature and Arts Archive) – an important online resource that provides a window on the development of South Asian arts and literature in the UK. The free digital archive contains collections of South Asian literature, art, theatre, dance and music by British-based artists and organisations. It was developed in response to a growing concern that the contribution of the South Asian community to literature and arts in Britain was disappearing and becoming inaccessible primarily as a result of lack of resources.

In recent years she kindly supported Sampad by “launching our anthology Inspired by Tagore at the prestigious Jaipur Literature Festival.

She leaves behind a formidable legacy of work for generations of Tamil and non-Tamil readers.

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