Sampad joins the launch of University of Birmingham’s India Institute

Sampad is delighted to be part of the celebrations marking the launch of the University of Birmingham’s new India Institute on Monday 29 January 2018.

In association with the India Institute we are producing a special cultural evening hosted by the University of Birmingham, at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts .

The dynamic line-up features

  • Yakshagana dance from Karnataka by Devika Rao
  • Bharatanatyam and Kathak performances by BBC Young Dancer finalists Anaya Bolar and Shyam Dattani, featuring tabla by Gurdain Singh Rayatt and mridangam by Pirashanna Thevarajah
  • Music from Ambika Jois and her talented band
  • High-energy Bhangra from the award-winning dance group, Nachda Sansaar.


Sampad is not able to respond to ticket requests or enquiries for this event but please do check out the India Institute website for news about their forthcoming activities.




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