UTSAV 2017 – Birmingham’s Year of South Asian Culture

Utsav partner logo portrait

Birmingham City Council has nominated 2017 as Utsav: the Year of South Asian Culture. Utsav is an old Sanskrit word meaning festival or celebration.

2017 marks an important milestone in South Asian history and activities will be taking place in Birmingham and across the country to mark the UK’s longstanding cultural ties with the Indian subcontinent.

Utsav 2017 will celebrate the rich heritage and cultural diversity of  Birmingham with plenty of colourful and exciting activities for all the city’s communities to participate in and enjoy throughout the year, featuring a mix of local talent and established international artists.

Sampad is working closely with Birmingham City Council to support Utsav 2017. If you are organising activities, events and/or projects throughout 2017 which you feel could contribute to the Year of South Asian Culture, please let Birmingham City Council’s Culture Commissioning team know by filling out their form via this link!

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