4th July 2010

Rural Tour: Dancing the Ramayana

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Bringing to life the epic love stories of the Ramayana through dance and music

sampad’s rural tour continues, taking this lively interactive storytelling show to Helmsley Arts Centre in North Yorkshire.

The Ramayana is an epic love story written over one thousand years before romantic love became one of the defining themes of Western literature.

A cultural masterpiece, it has greatly influenced art and culture in the Indian subcontinent and South East Asia. It recounts the story of the great prince Rama, his banishment to the forest, the abduction of his wife Sita by the powerful demon Ravana, and Rama’s rescue of her.

Dancing the Ramayana brings these epic stories to life through the traditional dance of Kathak, performed by the graceful Jaymini Sahai and accompanied by Rupinder Panesar on sitar and Poonam Panesar on vocals.