Maker Monday Commissioning Programme – Open Call

  • £2500 funding available
  • Presentations of the selected projects: Monday 5th September
  • Participation workshops: October half term
  • Prototype showcase: May 2017

The Maker Monday Commissioning Programme is an open call for collaborative arts and digital technology projects.

The project is led by Birmingham City University, in partnership with four Birmingham based cultural organisations: Sampad, mac birmingham, Birmingham Open Media (BOM), and fizzPOP. It aims to increase the ambitions and opportunities of local artists and makers, to inspire local audiences.

The Maker Monday Commissioning Programme is an initiative developed from the existing monthly Maker Monday events, that bring creatives, artists and technologists together to develop ideas through open innovation and collaboration.

Held on the last Monday of the month in Birmingham, Maker Monday draws on the rapid growth of cheap computing, such as Raspberry Pi, prototyping tools such as 3D printing and modern projection techniques such as telepresence. The focus of the on-going event is to build collaboration and learning between the participants to deliver new creative technology projects.

Maker Monday involves a range of collaborators from across the city. At each monthly event, an expert presents their own specialism and then shares techniques through a workshop. Planned themes include virtual reality, holographic projection, development with Raspberry Pi and using EEG brain sensors. There will also be sessions with guest artists working with innovative technologies.

The Maker Monday Commissioning Programme will consist of four carefully supported artist commissions that will:

  • Enable artists to experiment across disciplines with digital technologies e.g. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, gaming, Kinect Augmented reality, open data, data-visualisation, open software, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Makey Makey, Gesture recognition and motion tracking, Holographic technology, and wearable technology
  • Ensure use of interactive technologies for public engagement
  • Encourage innovation

Themes and an associated outline commissioning brief has been devised with partners BCU, Sampad, mac birmingham, Fizz POP and BOM to ensure the content and purpose is appropriate to the sectors.

The programme is aimed at artists, creative professionals in art and design, performing arts, and participatory arts, programmers, hackers, developers and coders, and film and video makers.

The commissions will provide a new layer of opportunities for upskilling artists working across technology, and for them to fully consider user / public engagement. Technology cross-overs include wearable tech, virtual reality, holographic projection, development with Raspberry Pi and using EEG brain sensors.

The aim is to select and support the development of a maximum of four highly creative projects that fuse arts with digital technology in a range of ways.

Down more details: Maker Monday Commissioning Programme – Open Call

Download Expression of Interest Form: Maker Monday Commissioning Project EOI

For general enquiries email Alexa Torlo at BCU or Clayton Shaw 


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