2018-2021: Transforming Narratives

Take a journey into understanding Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Birmingham arts, culture and heritage.


Sampad have been working with Culture Central and the partners of the Transforming Narratives project to devise and deliver a 3 year ground-breaking project. For decades, people have left their homes to forge a new life in Birmingham, but their stories have rarely been told. Together, we are uncovering these stories, illuminating the artists of Dhaka, Lahore, Birmingham, and beyond.

We are hearing the new stories, being made now. Finding fresh voices, and taking a new look at old narratives.

Over the next 3 years through research and development and an exceptional programme of collaborative events, we hope to establish Birmingham as a leading international centre for contemporary Pakistani and Bangladeshi arts, for the mutual benefit of Birmingham and cities in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The project has five strands of activity:

  1. Artistic programme
  2. Cultural leadership development
  3. Audience development and engagement
  4. Archiving culturally diverse work produced by minority ethnic artists
  5. Critical exchange and dialogue

Sampad’s Research and Development phase

We are delighted to be in research and development with the extraordinarily talented Bangladeshi dancer Sudeshna Swayamprabha Tathoi.

In April welcome Tathoi to Birmingham where she will spend a weeks residency with various artists across Birmingham for a rich and exciting cultural exchange.

As part of this Tathoi’s residency we hope to draw out the narratives of her perspectives of living in Bangladesh as a young woman and as an artist. As part of this journey we want to understand her perceptive of coming to Birmingham as an artist and how that may be impact on her practice as well as the artists she meets.

The sharing practice between Tathoi and the Birmingham artists will help us, as a City striving for excellence in Pakistani and Bangladeshi arts, understand how narratives are formed and how walking the City together can shape their practice and our practice.


Future Facing 

As the Transforming Narratives project grows over the next 3 years Sampad aim to deliver a series of ambitious and innovative projects across Birmingham. Keep your eyes peeled on our social media and our website to see how we develop our narrative with Pakistani and Bangladeshi artists.

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Documentary Double Bill: Saving Face and Girl in the River | Wednesday 27 March |6.30pm

Josh + Q&A with Iram Parveen Bilal | Saturday 30 March | 6pm

Transforming Narratives

Transforming Narratives is a project to establish Birmingham as a global centre for contemporary arts from Pakistan and Bangladesh. The project brings together artists and cultural organisations from across artforms, who are located in Birmingham and cities in Pakistan and Bangladesh.
 Media Release – Transforming Narratives launches in Birmingham

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