ACE Maker Monday Commissioning Project 16-17

Birmingham City University, 5 Cardigan Street, Parkside Building, Birmingham B4 7BD

Come along to Maker Monday's April event for a chance to explore some of the digital tech that their four commissioned artists have been experimenting with to develop their creative practice.


Maker Monday is all about trying new things. Come along to their event in April for a chance to explore some of the digital tech that their four commissioned artists have been experimenting with to develop their creative practice, leading to the creation of new works.

The Maker Monday Commissioning Project, led by Birmingham City University in partnership with four Birmingham based cultural organisations: Sampad, mac birmingham, Birmingham Open Media (BOM), and fizzPOP and supported by Arts Council England, grew out of the regular monthly MakerMonday events which have already seen successful collaborations forged and attracted international attention, including the Internet of Clothes project.

The 4 artists have collaborated with their partner organisations to increase their ambitions and opportunities with a view to developing their individual understanding of what possibilities are currently available in the digital world through a process of experimentation.

You are invited to join maker Monday and the partners on Monday 3rd April 2017 to explore the 4 artists work at an informal drop-in session. You can pop in at any point between 2-6pm.

You’ll have the chance to talk to the artists to find out how working with different forms of digital tech has informed their work, and also test out some of the project outcomes such as Swoomptheeng’s new instrument ‘The Swoompipe’ and The Selfie Synth by Chromatouch.

There will also be 2 live performance pieces from Kate Spence using holographic tech and Sonia Sabri Company’s new dance which incorporates digital tech.


The Arts Council England Commissioned Maker Monday Artists who will be showcasing their new works are:

Sonia Sabri Company (SSCo) – ‘Nu Body’

A new dance and digital solo production from Sonia Sabri, exploring versions of female existence and the female body image. Sonia will combine traditional Indian Kathak dance techniques using image manipulation in a sensory dialogue with the live body, using cutting edge e-motion software, Processing, Max/MSP visual programming language to create audio and graphics.

Ben NealPsicon Lab, Swoomptheeng

Prototyping Swoomptheeng’s new instrument ‘The Swoompipe’ – a deconstructed, brightly-coloured and oversized bagpipe DJ tool. Built on a series of electrical sensors attached to an Arduino microcontroller, it can be squeezed, stroked and has a breath-sensitive mouthpiece with which it can control music and games software via MIDI.

Kate Spence

Kate is prototyping an interactive hologram as the first step into creating a large scale immersive installation that will eventually incorporate aspects of gaming, VR and digital theatre. Her current field of research is into the hidden histories of the Magdalene Asylums, including those from Birmingham’s own past.

Leon Trimble aka ChromatouchThe Selfie Synth

The Selfie Synth is a pocket instrument for making tuneful music with little or no musical or technical know-how, and brings together a few of Leon’s experiments with chip-based synthesis. Leon has programmed OpenCV & Pure Data to read your facial expressions, along with an integrated touch surface keyboard, then translate them into music. Always ’in key’, sonically exciting and wholly customisable, by the engendered musical geek.


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