Past Schools Events 23/24

Zoe Rahman Schools Workshop
Sampad Associate Schools Exclusive
21st September 2023
Midlands Arts Centre

Forest Dream Schools Matinee
25th October 2023
Midlands Arts Centre

Spirit of Light
Performance in celebration of Diwali
6th – 17th November 2023

Marvel at my World Exhibition and Workshops
19th January – 13th April 2024
The Library of Birmingham

International Writing Competition
‘I Have A Dream’

In September 2023, Sampad launched an exciting schools writing competition

My Journey, My Birmingham
Theatre in Education
Programme and Resources (KS2 & KS3)

From City of Empire to City of Diversity Exhibition and extensive online resources. Available to all Sampad Associate Schools.
Small enough to fit anywhere in the school, previous schools have displayed it in the hall, for all students to see on their lunch break.