An Evening with Nahid Siddiqui

Midlands Arts Centre  |  Theatre |  Cannon Hill Park  | B12 9QH

An exclusive performance for the Midlands by Nahid Siddiqui, one of Europe’s leading Kathak dancers, prior to her London dates at Darbar Festival 2019.

An Evening with Nahid Siddiqui

Nahid’s deep, personal artistic sensibilities infuse through her performance as she utilises the fluid spins, intricate hand gestures and periods of calm found in Kathak dance and punctuates them with bursts of densely mathematical footwork.

She also employs her formidable skills to explore Thumri, a sensuous semi-classical Indian music style from the North of India.

Don’t miss an evening of absorbing dance from this visionary dancer and choreographer, accompanied by live music from Hassan Mohyeddin (tabla), Giuliano Modarelli (guitar),  Sanyogita Kumari (vocals) and Mohammed Sadi SOS (Ney player).

Presented in partnership with Midlands Arts Centre
In association with Dar Bar Festival

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