Intercultural Dialogues: Creating Spaces

mac Birmingham, Cannon Hill Park, Edgbaston, B12 9QH

A series of provocative conversations exploring community issues in Birmingham

How does a space become a place?
How can a public building influence artists and communities?
How can communities engage with cultural spaces?
What role(s) can the artist play in this process?

You are invited to a debate exploring architecture, spaces and the communities that occupy and animate them. mac Birmingham and Sampad share an ambition that is symbolic of a new way of re-imagining contemporary Birmingham and rethinking plural Britain.

The new mac building boldly offers a significant change for the way arts organisations interact with society. It explores different points of connection and crossover for diverse communities through an arts programme that challenges artists, producers, and audiences to enter a dialogue about how an intercultural society might be conceived and constructed.

The discussion will be led by a distinguished panel of thinkers, writers, artists and producers who will speculate where this vision could lead us, the opportunities as well as the pitfalls.

Chaired by Phil Wood, co-author of The Intercultural City.

Panel includes:
Dorothy Wilson, Chief Executive of mac Birmingham
Ranjit Sondhi, Chair of Sampad
Mark Dorril, Architect
Dr Noha Nasser, Birmingham School of Architecture
Andrew Nairne, Executive Director of Arts Strategy, Arts Council England
Julia Ellis, MADE
and others.

This event is open to anyone interested in learning more about community relations and cultural issues. It is the first in a series of provocative conversations exploring community issues in Birmingham.

Presented by Sampad and mac Birmingham

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