My Name Is… / This Is Not London

mac Birmingham, Cannon Hill Park, B12 9QH

Get ready to be moved and entertained as this intriguing new double-bill presented by Irruption Theatre examines the concepts of moral choice and individual responsibility in today’s ever-shifting world.

My Name Is…

The experiences of desperate stranger force a government official to examine his preconceptions about illegal immigrants, in this absorbing, hard-hitting new drama.

Arun, a British Asian government official who works in an anti-terrorist cell is deeply shaken by the news of the atrocities in Paris, where his only daughter lives. As his anxiety increases, he suddenly discovers that he has a mysterious house-guest who has been living in his house for the past week, without his knowledge. Will Arun decide to keep the man’s secret…or ruthlessly blow his cover?

Catch a sneak peek of the company in rehearsals for My Name Is..


This is not London…

Join the fun of the ride as this sharp, satirical comedy shakes up the concept of a welfare state, following the twists and turns in a world where money no longer exists.

Two thieves steal a car and flee from Birmingham, heading for the bright lights and easy wallets of London to shamelessly pursue their fortune. However when they arrive, they realise that the normal rules of society don’t apply anymore. People don’t even understand what money is, waiters let them eat for free and petty crime seems alarmingly easy… will it make them change their ways?

Please note that the performance contains strong language and may not be suitable for people under 12 years.

Irruption Theatre – My Name is | This is not London (pdf flyer)

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