Navadisha Celebrates

mac Birmingham, Cannon Hill Park, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B12 9QH

Featuring an outstanding line-up of UK & International dance artists and a mixture of exquisite South Asian dance styles!

Join us for this spectacular early evening show which features an outstanding line-up of UK & International dance artists and a mixture of exquisite South Asian dance styles!

The exceptional programme features rarely-seen classical forms such Mohiniyattam and Odissi, as well as beautiful Bharatanatyam, breathtaking Kathak and high-energy Bollywood – offering a truly captivating experience for dance-lovers of all ages, tastes and backgrounds!

Come and enjoy

  • Beautiful forms of classical Bharatanatyam by Sristhi — Nina Rajarani Creations and expressive solo performer Sujit Vaidya (Vancouver, Canada)
  • Dynamic, heart-pounding Kathak dance from Sonia Sabri Company (Birmingham) and Ankh Dance (London)
  • Enchanting Mohiniyattam by Chitraleka Dance Company (Birmingham)
  • Charismatic solo Odissi dance by Sooraj Subramanyam (Belgium)
  • High-energy, feel-good Bollywood dance by Bolly Flex (London)

About the South Asian dance forms in Navadisha Celebrates

Bharatanatyam dance originated in the temples of Tamil Nadu. The form is known for its grace, elegance, expression and beautiful sculpture-like poses.

Kathak is fundamentally a storytelling form of dance that traces its origins to the nomadic bards of ancient northern India, known as Kathakars or storytellers. The exhilarating dance-form combines precise, rhythmic footwork with rapid turns and eloquent gestures.

Mohiniyattam is a classical dance form from Kerala, India. The term is derived from the word “mohini” meaning a woman who enchants onlookers and “aattam” meaning graceful and sensuous body movements. The word Mohiniyattam literally means “dance of the enchantress”.

Odissi is one of the oldest surviving Indian dance-forms, originating from the Eastern Indian state of Odissa. It is distinguished from other classical Indian dance-forms by the emphasis it places upon the independent movement of head, chest and pelvis (the Tribhangi — literally the ‘three part break)’

Bollywood dance has exploded in popularity throughout the world. It initially rose to prominence through the prolific output of the Indian film industry, with the majority of its best-loved films featuring lively, colourful dance routines. ‘Bollywood’ dance is an uplifting, energetic form that mixes a variety of contemporary and traditional influences.

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