One and Inner Voice – a double bill of newly-commissioned experimental Carnatic music.

Midlands Arts Centre (Hexagon Theatre)

A brand new double bill of newly commissioned experimental Carnatic music presented by zerOclassikal.

The zerOclassikal project presents brand new commissioned South Indian classical music with a double bill of experimental carnatic music.

ONE by Mithila Sarma featuring Shyla Shanmugalingam and Pradeepa Sivasanthiran with percussion by Abhiram Sahathevan

The veena is a South Indian stringed lute and one of the oldest instruments within South Asian music. Each individual veena is known to have its own tonal quality, style and timbre.

In One, Mithila Sarma, artistic director of zerOclassikal experiments with an ensemble of vainikas (veena players) exploring and pushing the limits of the instrument’s unique bass tones, multi-octave sounds and rich gamakas (ornamented notes) in a programme of new work.

One is the latest work from zerOclassikal, a project that explores radical approaches to South Asian classical music, as well as providing a platform for the next generation of British South Asian classical talent.

AN INNER VOICE by Kobini Ananth and Yarlinie Thanabalasingham

Two talented, young upcoming artists join forces to experiment with a concept rarely used within Carnatic music – harmonies.

Carnatic music is predominantly taught and performed as solo music and is characterised by a complex rhythmic nature and strict compositional structure. An Inner Voice takes the form into a new territory, exploring various characteristics of harmonies and finding ways to adapt them to fit within the structure of a raga – a melodic improvisation that is a central feature of Indian classical music.

Kobini Ananth and Yarlinie Thanabalasingham are talented Carnatic vocalists who are soaked in the tradition of Indian classical music. They are both members of the national Indian music ensemble, Tarang, and Yarlinie was recently awarded with the Sangeeth Ratna, an award recognising exceptional young talent in the UK.

This fascinating new musical performance showcases their unique future vision for progression within Carnatic music.

Supported by PRS Foundation and HMUK

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