18th April 2021

Chance To Dance Screening

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The screening of Chance To Dance, the film of all your home recorded dance moves! Watch online *Sunday 18 April 2021, 5pm at

*Rescheduled date from Saturday 17 April for the funeral of The Duke of Edinburgh
Please note submissions are now closed

This is your Chance To Dance from the comfort of your own home and be part of Sampad’s Asian Spring On Screen dance extravaganza!

We may all be keeping safe by keeping our distance, but for our 2021 Asian Spring On Screen, our mission is to bring us all back together – digitally! We’re thrilled to unveil a new online dance performance led by the phenomenal Leena Patel, giving you your very own Chance To Dance too.

Join in from the comfort of your own home, perform and record your submission, and be part of Asian Spring On Screen without ever leaving your living room. The final Chance To Dance film will be publicly shared online on Sunday 18 April.

You don’t have to be a professional dancer to get involved, we want to hear from everyone – no previous experience necessary, all ages and abilities are welcome!

It is important for us to secure your consent so that you can be featured on film and shared publicly, so please also submit the  Chance To Dance Film Submission Form on behalf of yourself (if you are 16+) or on behalf of your child (if they are under 16).

How to Participate:

1. Watch this demo video by Leena Patel, showing you the dance moves you can use:

2. Choose which moves you would like to use and create and practice your routine
(30 seconds maximum) You might use only one or all of the moves and you might also want to include some moves of your own too!

3. Play the music track to perform to. Play the track below or download the music (go to the mp3 link at ChanceToDanceMusic.mp3 and right click ‘Save audio as’):


4. Record yourself performing. This should be recorded on a high quality camera (best quality on a smartphone is fine), in landscape format.

 Upload your video using the Chance To Dance Film Submission Form. Please complete all the questions on the form – this is very important for us, and gives us permission to use your videos and transform them into the final Chance To Dance film, which will be publicly shared on Sunday 18 April (rescheduled from Saturday 17 April) as part of Asian Spring On Screen!

COMPLETE THIS SUBMISSION FORM: Chance To Dance Film Submission Form



Tips For Your Recording:

Your routine must be performed to the music track provided above.

It is really helpful if you give us a clear count in for 8 beats before you start, in order to help us piece together the submissions from everyone perfectly.

You can perform on your own, or as part of a group (check your government’s COVID rules at time of recording). Encourage your friends and family to also take part!

Try to keep your performance to under 30 seconds. We will include as many submissions as possible but as we are expecting a high number of submissions, we unfortunately cannot guarantee inclusion in the final sharing.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email