30th January 2016

Kin – presented by Sanjukta Sinha

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Triple bill featuring contemporary dance.

Sanjukta Sinha is one of India’s leading Kathak artists, known for her technical expertise and immense artistry. She has always strived to create a new idiom of Kathak as a performing art, one that represents a changing world even as it cherishes its roots.

Through Kin, Sanjukta, whose name means ‘bonding together’, explores the ties that we forge outside of us, and the ones that get built, unknowingly, inside us as well. The triple-bill performance brings together contemporary expressions for a thought-provoking experience.



In the beginning, there is only white. When looked at through the prism of life, white separates into the rainbow of colours that give name to our emotions and bonds. Beginning with undulating movements, Sanjukta seeks that white, that blank canvas which we all began with. “ I am searching and seeking the white, the light that connects us with the divine” says Sanjukta Sinha . Anchored by dramatic swirls that represent both time and life the dance is an ode to the seeker.


If you removed all that you’ve been taught, all that you’ve learnt and all that you’ve experienced, you’re left with a palette of instinctual and impulsive emotions, floating in a black, ripple-less pool. Some call it the sub-conscious, some, the very core of who we are. Sanjukta taps this hidden sanctuary with sharp & taut movements that represent the fear and fervour that drive our relationships. A simultaneous dialogue between the body and the music, the dance is fraught with our dark side. “ This dance is a condensation of one single question-beyond the boundaries, who am I ?” says Sanjukta Sinha


An excursion into the parlays between love and longing, the dance recreates this most intimate of emotions, with a majestic, flamboyant, familiarity. Performed in pure classical Kathak ,with inflections of contemporary expressions, Sanjukta threads emotions with virtuosity. “I am expanding the canvas of the stage to mirror the expansion of the inner self” says Sanjukta Sinha. Affirmative and resplendent, the movements reflect surging emotions and the thrill of the journey.

About Sanjukta Sinha

One of India’s leading Kathak artists of her generation, Sanjukta Sinha is known for her technical expertise and immense artistry. Her vision is to bridge the gap between the classical and contemporary Dance. A solo dancer of distinction, she has also performed in ensembles as well as collaborated with several leading international names across various dance forms, keen to create contemporary expressions of dance based on Kathak.

Ms Sinha’s dance is exemplified by clean bodylines, subtle expression, robust footwork and the choreographic finesse . Her exquisite sense of musicality has allowed her to incorporate varying forms of music, such as Rock, Dhrupad, Sufi and Contemporary to name a few

Sanjukta has collaborated with different dance forms like French Rock, French Jazz, Flamenco

Critics on Sanjukta and her dance techniques

“Sanjukta Sinha’s dance was the turning point in the program. Her mere entrance onto the raised stage was an event… she burst into rapid single turns on the spot, (blending) percussive nature and exciting stillness. Her heroic solo made a particular impression in the open”air stage: her presto footwork, the slapping sound of her soles on the floor, the arching of her head and spine backward…. It’s fascinating how these various aspects of virtuosity become wrapped into a larger elegance of style; Ms. Sinha’s dancing is most memorable.”

Alastair Macaulay, The New York Times

“Sanjukta is in the vanguard of a new generation of brave and adventurous kathak artists who want to find new expression in an art form that they are deeply rooted. She has enormous skill, grace, virtuosity, versatility and physical intelligence. Coupled with a charismatic stage presence I’m in no doubt her fearlessness will help to contribute to redefining our experience of Kathak. It’s been a huge pleasure to work with her and her team and nothing is more satisfying than working with people who are totally committed to making a difference”

Farooq Chaudhry, Producer Akram Khan Company and mentor and dramaturg for Sanjukta Sinha for Kin.