12th September 2010

Kohl at The Door

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A free dance performance, part of ArtsFest 2010

A free dance performance, part of ArtsFest 2010

Kohl is a signature solo work for Australian dancer Dawn Jackson.

Drawing from the classical Indian dance form Odissi it explores the Hindu goddess Kali, who represents Time and Black.

Kohl is an austere, visually compelling solo performed in black, on a black stage with shafts of white light. It presents an abstraction of the direct story telling inherent in Indian Classical dance.

It is black and white. Opposites inspire movement and reveal a struggle, defiance, a place of profound beauty, concealing, revealing, shedding and pausing.

Kohl achieved critical acclaim in Perth, Western Australia with a nomination for Most Outstanding Performance by a Female in 2009 at the WA Dance Awards.