30th April 2015

Maati (Earth)

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Presented by Nahid Siddiqui

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Acclaimed Kathak dancer and choreographer Nahid Siddiqui presents ’Maati’ (Earth), a new work in development, based on the writings of 17th century Eastern philosopher and poet Hazrat Bulleh Shah. Bulleh Shah’s writing describes the turbulence of his motherland of the Punjab (split between Pakistan and India) and concurrently examines his spiritual voyage through Sufism and search for God.

Siddiqui’s choreography uses the subtle nuances of Kathak to visually depict his philosophy and story while encapsulating the essence of the ‘Sufi’ folk spirit of the Punjab. There will be an introduction by Piali Ray, Director of Sampad followed by the performance and a Q&A with Nahid. The event is expected to finish at approximately 8pm.

Joining Nahid Siddiqui will be

  • Hassan Mohyeddin (music, percussion)
  • Aarti Lodhia (dancer)
  • Kat Bailey (dancer)

Lighting design by Chris Cuthbert | Acquismedia
Photo by Qasim Riza Shaheen

About Nahid Siddiqui

The face of Kathak in Pakistan, Nahid’s contribution to the dance form has been truly ground-breaking and influential, blending contemporary and classical practice with her own unique style, expression and formidable technical expertise. Find out more at

About Hassan Mohyeddin

Hassan Mohyeddin is a tabla player, multi-percussionist, music producer, teacher and fine artist. He has worked as a professional musician for the last 15 years, having toured internationally, collaborating with several artists of a variety of genres and musical backgrounds. Hassan is a student of the esteemed maestro Ustad Lachhman Singh Seen of the Punjab Gharana of tabla. As a group member and session musician he has gained much experience working in the live and studio environments. He holds degrees in fine arts, music production and sound engineering.

Having lived in the UK, Pakistan and India, Hassan retains a diverse cultural upbringing and heritage. He hails from an artistic family, and on both his parents’ sides are several artistes belonging to many creative disciplines.

As a performer, Hassan has played at several major international venues and festivals, accompanying many talented and dynamic acts. Among these are world renowned Kathak artist Nahid Siddiqui, acclaimed folk guitarist Martin Simpson, UK based percussion maestros Krishnamurti and Shahbaz Hussain, London bands Khiyo, Lokkhi Terra and The Popables, Pakistani musicians including Zeb & Haniya, Usman Riaz, Overload, Arieb Azhar, Laal and Ustad Mubarik Ali Khan to name a few.

About Hazrat (Baba) Bulleh Shah

Baba Bulleh Shah was a Sufi saint, a wanderer, a dancer, and one of the greatest poets in history. His kafis (poems) are sung in Sufi kalaam (compositions) by a plethora of music practitioners throughout the Punjab and Sub-Continent. The simplicity with which he has been able to address the complex, fundamental issues of life and humanity is a large part of his appeal. Many people have put his kafis to music, from humble street-singers to renowned Sufi singers. Bulleh Shah’s ‘Maati’ (Earth/Clay) deals with the philosophy of man, through the realisation of the material that we are: clay. The philosophy is that humans are moving sculptures and that DANCE is the sculptor.

About Aarti Lodhia

Aarti Lodhia started her Kathak training at the tender age of 6 with Kumar Shashwat. She went on to train with award winning dancer Aakash Odedra, which led her to work with Kumudini Lakhia (Kadamb) in Ahmedabad. Her previous Kathak performances include; Sarabhai Festival in Ahmedabad, Tabla with a Difference 4.0 and performing for HRH the Queen’s jubilee tour. Currently, she is working under the guidance of Nahid Siddiqui, to whom she is extremely grateful for giving her this opportunity.

About Kat Bailey

Kat is training in Kathak with renowned dancer and choreographer Nahid Siddiqui, to whom she is grateful for the opportunity to be part of Maati. Kat began her Kathak journey with several years of study under Sonia Sabri, and has also attended workshops with esteemed dancers from the UK and India to widen her appreciation of Kathak’s rich diversity and creative possibilities. Kat shares her joy in dance by teaching regular community-based classes for Bollywood Dreams Dance in Birmingham.