12th November 2011

Mid-day Mantra: Bangalore Trio

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A free monthly series presenting music from India to uplift the spirit on Saturday lunchtimes

Escape the hurly-burly, as once a month sampad and Town Hall, Symphony Hall present outstanding Asian artists from the UK and the Indian subcontinent in relaxed, informal sessions. Chill out, take your shoes off, close your eyes and experience the richness and variety of India’s musical heritage.

This month features highly acclaimed musicians S.V. Balakrishna (Balu) and Raghunandan. R (Raghu) from Bangalore.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, vocalist Vasudha K.S from Bangalore is no longer able to perform with them at this event, as originally advertised. She will be replaced by Ambika Joise.

Balu is a renowned Mridangam artist and a master of a whole range of classical accompanying percussion instruments such as Morsing (jaw harp), Ghatam (earthen pot) and Konakkol (vocalisation of mridangam syllables). Balu is currently an ‘A’ graded All India Radio artist in Mridangam and Morsing.

Raghu is a highly acclaimed flute player and music composer from Karnataka, India, specialising in classical Carnatic, Hindustani, Light and popular styles.

Ambika Joise is a promising and upcoming success in the UK’s Asian music scene. Born and brought up in Bengaluru, India and currently living in London, Ambika is well known for her work as a singer-songwriter, performer and poet. Trained in classical Carnatic music, her performacne work also includes Bollywood, Jazz, Soul, RnB and Pop.

sampad in association with Town Hall Symphony Hall. Supported by Arts Council England