14th January 2012

Mid-day Mantra: Hari Vrndavn Sivanesan

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One of the UK’s most acclaimed veena artists accompanied by mridangam.

Escape the hurly-burly, as sampad and Town Hall, Symphony Hall present outstanding Asian artists from the UK and the Indian subcontinent in relaxed, informal sessions. Chill out, take your shoes off, close your eyes and experience the richness and variety of India’s musical heritage.

BBC Radio 3 World Routes Academy protégé, Hari Vrndavn Sivanesan, is one of the UK’s most acclaimed veena artists. A soulful and virtuosic player of the veena, Hari manages to combine devotion to the instrument and a deep knowledge of the culture with a keen sense of humour.

sampad in association with Town Hall Symphony Hall. Supported by Arts Council England