BEDLAM: No Bond So Strong

Midlands Arts Centre  |  Foyle Studio  |  Cannon Hill Park  | B12 9QH

A life-affirming show about motherhood and holding family together when you find yourself unravelling. A mother, a relative, a doctor; three voices come together to paint an intimate portrait of the hopeful experiences and the hopeless feelings of being a new parent. No Bond So Strong is a show about reveling in the joys of parenthood but at the same time summoning every bit of energy not to fall apart for fear of losing it all.
It’s about taking baby steps, as your baby sleeps, to open up and talk about the highs and lows of parenthood when all you want to do is lock the door, draw the curtains and never get out of bed again.


“A moving piece with plenty of heart…I can only see it having a positive impact on society;s view towards mental health”
StageTalk Magazine on Olivia Winteringham’s Delightful, BEDLAM 2017

“As a new mother from South Asian heritage, I found it really difficult to speak to family and friends about my mental health issues. Helping to create No Bond So Strong has been wonderful – it helps us to talk about & address these issues more openly and effectively”
New mother & research participant for No Bond So Strong


Thursday 3 October | 7pm | Midlands Arts Centre – Foyle

Friday 4 October | 7pm | Midlands Arts Centre – Foyle

For ages 12+

Writer: Olivia Winteringham


Relative: Promila Thomas
New Mother: Kiren Jogi
Psychiatrist: Alex Kapila
Director: Mingyu Lin
Composer: Archita Kumar

Commissioned by Sampad for BEDLAM Arts & Mental Health Festival

by The John Feeney Charitable Trust and The Saintbury Trust.  Created with the support of BSMHFT, Birmingham MIND and Acacia Family Support.
Sampad would like to thank the many women, families and medical staff who shared their stories with us for this production.
This show will also tour to community settings during the BEDLAM Festival.

📅Monday 7 October, 7pm
Highfield Community Hall, Hall Green, Birmingham B28 OHS…

📅Thursday 10 October, 12pm
Innovation Development Centre, 22-28 George St, Balsall Heath B12 9RG…

📅Friday 11 October, 6pm
Erdington Arts Forum Space, Central Square Shopping Centre, B23 6RS
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