9th March 2016

Reflection of Silence 2016 – flavours of Iranian and Kurdish Music

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An enthralling new collaboration between four highly-gifted musicians.

Reflection of Silence is an enthralling new collaboration between four highly-skilled musicians from different musical backgrounds (ranging from Rock to Iranian music). They share a mutual passion and talent for creative improvisation and interpreting Iranian and Kurdish music.

Mehdi Rostami (setar), Adib Rostami (tombak) and Hossein Alishapour (vocals) open the evening with Iranian Music, with the full group going on to put a contemporary twist on a set of ancient Kurdish pieces from different parts of the Kurdistan region.

The beautifully absorbing performance builds and intensifies, stirring up both the artists and listeners to become ecstatically lost in the music.

The event was selected as one of the Top 10 Live UK events by Songlines magazine after its London debut and received a rapturous response from Birmingham audiences in Spring 2015.

A real must for music lovers!

Tara Jaff harp, vocals
Hossein Alishapour vocals
Mehdi Rostami setar, shourangiz
Adib Rostami tombak, kamancheh

Suitable for all ages.

See the group in action below