20th March 2015

Reflection of Silence: Flavours of Iranian and Kurdish Music

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A new collaboration between four highly-gifted musicians.

Reflection of Silence is a new collaboration between four musicians from different backgrounds, from Rock to Iranian music, who share a mutual passion for the art of creative improvisation in Iranian and Kurdish music.

The evening will open with the Art of Improvisation (Persian Music), followed by a contemporary approach to a set of ancient Kurdish pieces from different parts of the Kurdistan region. The performance aims to inspire both the artists and listeners to become ecstatically lost in the music.

This project was selected as one of the Top
10 Live UK events by Songlines magazine when it was performed at Kings Place for first time in March 2014.

Tara Jaff harp, vocal
Pouya Mahmoudi guitar
Mehdi Rostami setar, shourangiz
Adib Rostami tombak, kamancheh

Presented by Sampad in partnership with The Drum

See the group in action below