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Sonia Sabri Company’s latest double programme featuring tabla and Kathak.

Salaam literally meaning ‘peace’ is Sonia Sabri Company’s latest double programme with a stunning presentation of solo Tabla and Kathak dance. Internationally acclaimed Sonia and Sarvar return to their home venue, mac Birmingham to perform their long awaited performance.

Salaam opens with a rare treat of solo tabla music by the world- renowned maestro Sarvar Sabri. He belongs to the Ajrara Gharana (school) of Tabla music which places an emphasis on intricate finger-work and rhythmic compositions that leaves audiences spell- bound.

The second half displays Sonia’s distinctive personal style of Kathak dance accompanied with live music including vocal and harmonium by the talented Shoma Dey.

Kathak is an exhilarating dance experience with an astounding display of precise footwork, eloquent gesture, rapid turns and heart-pounding rhythms. Internationally acclaimed for her unique presentations, Sonia revisits the impact of Indian dance with evocative live music woven with Persian rhyme and spirit.

If you’ve ever wondered where beat-boxing and rapping originates from, this is a show that will reveal the roots and more wonders!