Sona Lisa Dance Company: Breaking Ground

Midlands Arts Centre  |  Foyle Studio  |  Cannon Hill Park  | B12 9QH

Sona Lisa Dance Company
Breaking Ground 

What does it mean to be multicultural? How do we experience the world through the lens of our accumulated cultural baggage? As more layers get added to this baggage, does it get harder to find ourselves within it all?

This brand new dance work, by Sona Lisa Dance Company commissioned by Sampad, is a classical and contemporary kathak story of migration and identity, set to a stunning score written by Shammi Pithia. It follows the journey of Artistic Director and performer, Sonia Chandaria Tillu’s family, tracing her grandmother’s move from her homeland of Gujarat to the fertile lands of Kenya, and culminates with Sonia’s own journey to the UK.

Sonia will also be presenting a new contemporary Kathak piece commissioned by Dance Hub Birmingham and some of her company’s classical Kathak repertoire.

Producer: Sona Lisa Dance Company
Concept & artistic director: Sonia Chandaria Tillu
Choreographer: Urja Desai Thakore
Music composer: Shammi Pithia
Poetry composer: Wobusobozi Amooti Kangere (with support from the Lantern Meet Foundation of Poetry in Kampala, Uganda)
Dramaturgy: Lou Cope
Photography: Simon Richardson
Lighting Design: Sam Burns
Performed by: Sonia Chandaria Tillu

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