11th August 2022

Internship and community engagement in Dudley

I am Agne, I have been interning at Sampad over the summer. During this experience I have been lucky to witness the importance of Sampad’s work and the impact of their exhibition ‘‘From City of Empire to City of Diversity’, touring different locations in and around Birmingham.

While interning at Sampad, I had an opportunity to learn more about two different sides of work in the organisation – marketing and community engagement.

Working on marketing campaigns for the touring exhibition allowed me to engage with Sampad’s social media networks and website, helping with the promotion of events as well as finding different ways in reaching people to engage with the exhibition. This has inspired me to find more creative ways of reaching out and engaging people in the digital age.

Besides this, I had the chance to explore Sampad’s work on community engagement in different settings that the touring exhibition has visited. As part of it, I assisted in the Family day event at the Dudley Archives.

Seeing families engage with the exhibition, and recognising diverse stories of people’s settlement in Birmingham showed the importance of Sampad’s work of celebrating different voices and engaging communities through culture and art.

The family day event at Dudley has been only one of the instances where Sampad’s essential work has shown me the importance of the exhibition celebrating different stories while exploring the rich history of Birmingham through Dyche’s photographs.