16th February 2024

My Week Of Work Experience At Sampad

By Lola

This week at Sampad has given me some invaluable insight and experiences in the marketing and events planning world. The entire team has been lovely, welcoming and open to chats throughout the week to tell me all about their positions within the company.

Monday started with a quick introduction to the week by Harriet, the marketing manager, who talked me through her career journey as well as helping me get an understanding of what role marketing actually plays in the world. I started off by creating a powerpoint about Sampad, learning why the organisation was started and how it has evolved since its beginnings. I was excited to plan social media posts for the next day for Instagram and Twitter (X), having had little exposure to social media creation. 

Tuesday was by far the busiest and most chaotic day of the week, spent at Birmingham Library for the Marvel at My World half term event, organised by Sampad. It was great to get stuck into an event, especially as it had such a large turnout. I spent the day assisting with the craft workshops, handing out surveys and photographing and videoing the event for Sampad’s social media, which I later posted. I even created my first tiktok!

The next day gave me a chance to unleash my creative side as I was asked to design a poster and leaflet for Create and Change, weekly art and wellness sessions for women at the Dolphin Women’s Centre. I had the opportunity to sit down with James, the programme and projects coordinator, to learn all about his position. Finishing the day, I started to plan some interview questions, as the next day I would be interviewing award-winning writer and theatre maker, Guleraana Mir!

Thursday had a very relaxed morning as I helped Naomi, the learning officer, gather and monitor the numbers and feedback from Tuesday’s event. We had a conversation about her career journey and subject choices which quickly turned into exchanging book recommendations before I had to leave for my interview with Guleraana. I didn’t realise how anxious I was until I began to call her but she was absolutely lovely and quickly settled my nerves by giving some great answers to my questions. 

I wrote up and published the interview on Friday, which can be found on Sampad’s website. It was really amazing to publish something that I had researched and written. I then created some social media posts for instagram, twitter and linked in to share the interview. I finished my week by writing this for Sampad’s blog, looking back on all the useful tips, advice, insight and first hand experience I have been able to have, thanks to this brilliant organisation.