12th December 2015

Sampad Launches New Campaign To Support Budding Artists

Sampad’s new campaign, launchPAD has been designed to support new generations of aspiring artists who want to involve digital technology in their work. It aims to help them explore the possibilities of new and developing technologies, and to look at how they can interact with and influence their own creative ideas.

The campaign extends our strong track record of supporting emerging talent through schemes such as Creative Leap and also builds on our experience of delivering successful digital innovation projects such as SEPP: Digital, which has given more than 70 creative professionals a great chance to boost their digital skills and practices at leading European institutions.

Does this sound like something you could get behind? If so, check out our campaign page and video on Indiegogo and consider making a donation to support launchPAD.

Your support really will make a difference. It will help us to work alongside new artists, providing mentoring and training sessions, encouraging them to explore and experiment with the latest digital technology and equipping them with the skills to connect with audiences and ultimately feed back into communities. You can also claim rewards for your donation.

Photo: Vidya Patel by Simon Richardson.