15th May 2024

The Sampad Team’s Favourite Moments from the Stratford Road Walking Tour

Last year, the Sampad team had the pleasure of experiencing the unique and vibrant Stratford Road Walking Tour. They’ve described their highlights below!

I enjoyed hearing the history of the different communities that lived on the Stratford Road.

Joan, Finance Officer

The tour takes you through a historical journey of the Stratford Road, from its days as a gateway for Irish migrants to its current status as a cultural melting pot. Walk leaders share fascinating stories about the various communities that have settled here, making it a living history lesson.

I loved learning about the architecture and the links The Stratford Road has to famous Birmingham innovators. Walking with an expert guide gave me the confidence to go into shops or restaurants I hadn’t been in before, so it was a great way to try new things.

Harriet, Marketing Manager

Our tour guides, Vimal and Dharmesh, are local legends around Birmingham, so they have a vast knowledge of not just The Stratford Road, but the Birmingham South Asian community in general.

My favorite part of the Walking Tour was learning about the history of the Shree Ram Mandir, Birmingham’s second Hindu temple, that used to be a Cinema! It’s a stunning building with a fantastic history. The tour teaches you so much about a road that we all use so regularly, I recommend it to everyone.

James, Programmes Coordinator

The Shree Ram Mandir is a highlight of the tour. Originally a cinema, this beautiful building is now a vibrant place of worship. James loved discovering its transformation and the role it plays in the local Hindu community today.

One of my favorite things about the walking tour was going to the café. Trying the traditional bread with delicious warm honey! I also loved meeting and talking with the people I was walking with.

Naomi, Learning Team

Naomi’s experience underscores the sensory delights of the tour. From aromatic bakeries to quaint cafés, you’ll get to taste traditional delicacies like warm honey on freshly baked bread. But it’s not just about the food; it’s also about the connections you make with fellow participants.

I love the shop – Gohil’s Emporium. I loved the story of the owners, I love the colors and how crammed it is full of all sorts of lovely small and large things…

Sabra, Executive Director

Gohil’s Emporium is a treasure trove of goods that reflect the vibrant culture of Birmingham’s Asian community. Sabra was enchanted by the shop’s eclectic mix of items and the fascinating stories of its owners. It’s a must-see for anyone on the tour.

Each of the Sampad team found something special in the tour, whether it was the rich history, the delicious food, or the wonderful people. Our first walking tour of the year is on Saturday the 8th June. Join us and discover your own favorite moments! Book Here