13th January 2023

Why everyone should be going to Asian Spring this year

Over a quarter of people living in Birmingham identify as South Asian. Yet how many people know their Bharatanatyam from their Garba? Or their Bollywood from their Kathak? When you think of South Asian Dance, the first thing you may think of is Bollywood or Bhangra. Although these styles make up a huge portion of it, we’re here to show you that there’s so much more to South Asian dance. How? By presenting you with Asian Spring.

If you’re unsure of the wide range of South Asian dance styles now, you won’t be after Sampad’s annual Dance showcase. Fifteen individual performances, over eighty dancers and hundreds of hours of work make up Asian Spring. It’s the perfect opportunity for people who may not be so familiar with South Asian dance, to get a real taste of what it is. Sabra Khan, Executive Director for Sampad, says “Asian Spring has now been running for over twenty years, and it’s an amazing opportunity for the South Asian Dance community of Birmingham to get together and show Birmingham Town Hall what we’re made of.”

So what should you expect from it? Well, according to one attendee of last years Asian Spring, it’s “full of energy and fun.” Expect a range of styles, from classical styles like Kathak and Bharatanatyam to the more contemporary, such as Bollywood. Look out for the intricate footwork and singing ankle bells of Kathak, or the storytelling movement of Bhangra. “It’s a great family friendly event that will leave your heart singing and your feet tapping,” comments Sabra. If you want to learn more about South Asian dance before the show, we’ve found this useful guide from akademi.

Aside from the dancing, the sense of community is what makes Asian Spring. When they’re not performing, the various groups are sitting in the audience, cheering on their fellow dancers. Many dancers are in multiple groups. The buzz backstage is electrifying, and this energy is brought onto the stage too. Reena Tailor from Bollywood Dreams Dance Academy, commented “Bollywood Dreams Dance Academy loves Asian Spring because it brings together all our local dance friends!”

Asian Spring only happens once a year, so whether you’re a newbie to the style, or a firm fan, make sure you’re at the Birmingham Town Hall on the 26th February – you won’t regret it.

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