9th October 2018

Yuva Gati CAT Programme Welcomes New Artistic Associates

Sampad are pleased to announce and welcome our new Artistic Assoicates for the Yuva Gati Centre for Advance Dance Training programme (CAT).

Shane Shambhu
Mira Balchandran Gokul (Principle Artist)

Aakash Odedra
Sonia Sabri  (Principle Artist)

We are delighted to be working with such a fantastic team of artists on the Yuva Gati programme. The new associate artists and principle artists will be at the forefront of the programme, steering the CAT’s creative vision, whilst also working with and supporting our exceptional delivery artists around the UK. With our new artists, the Yuva Gati programme will continue to deliver outstanding training, mentorship and opportunites to young people who show extraordinary talent in dance.

Yuva Gati is an incredible opportunity to train and support young people in the development of their dance practice!

Keep your eyes peeled on our website for news and important dates coming up for the Yuva Gati programme.

Photography – Tim Cross