Sepp: Digital

Sampad’s European Placement Programme for Digital Learning (SEPP: Digital), offered exciting digital learning opportunities for creative professionals.

From 2010-11, Sampad initiated a placement programme called ExchangeLab, to enable staff and artists to attend a series of 2 week placements at Medialab Prado, Madrid – a leading organisation in the field of research, production and dissemination of digital culture.

ExchangeLab was funded by the Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Programme, which supports skills development and training, as part of the European Lifelong Learning programme. The placements aimed to broaden how Sampad works digitally across its artistic programme, education and outreach and audience engagement. It proved to be highly successful.

As a result, Sampad was inspired to extend similar learning opportunities to a wider pool of people in the sector and in early 2012 launched the Sampad European Placement Programme for Digital Learning (SEPP: Digital).

In 2014 Sampad received funding from Erasmus+ for their new placement programme named SEPP: YW, which was aimed at Youth Workers in the arts and education sector. With additional support from the John Feeney Trust, this enabled Sampad to send 20 people on placements to two European partners during autumn 2015 and 2016.

Since 2011, Sampad has organised 92 placements to European partner organisations.

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