Pride Face

We’ve been working with the Journey LGBT+ Asylum Group – a support group for LGBT+ asylum seekers and refugees in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

The project is a collaboration between Sampad, Birmingham LGBT and SHOUT Festival and the creative director of Pride Face is wellness facilitator Ash Mukherjee. In collaboration with visual artist Kiera Saunders and development coach Darren Abrahams, Ash has led participants through a series of wellness and theatre workshops, exploring themes of safety, and inclusion, using tools such as laughter, art, movement and journaling. The project culminated with a sharing event, where participants got to show their work to an audience of invited guests.

Watch the video below to find out more about Pride Face:

Feedback comments have included:

“I felt so safe and happy in today’s workshop.”

“I’ve gained valuable insights from the management and balance of mind, body, and soul. Learning how to create and manage this equilibrium is truly impactful.”

“It gave me more light on how to overcome our difficult days. Our Saturday sessions are like mind therapy.”

“Yesterday’s session has impacted me in a way I never thought possible.”