9th October 2015

All Our Heroes

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Exploring stories of men from the Indian sub-continent who fought for the British Raj in WW1

Kaka wants to know where his father is …so does his mother. It’s been months since they last saw him. Several weeks later, they receive a letter from the trenches of the northwest frontier in France where he has been fighting for the British Army. How did he get there? What was he doing there?

To mark the centenary of the First World War, All Our Heroes explores the stories of men from the Indian sub-continent who left their homes and families to fight for the British Raj in continents far, far away.

A talented cast brings the stories to life through physical theatre, verbatim accounts and vibrant storytelling.

Production company Zero Plus Theatre is offering a follow-up schools workshop after each matinee performance, examining British Asian heritage. Contact Arena Theatre for more details.

Produced by Zero Plus Theatre in association with Cranford Community College, New Art Exchange (Nottingham) and The Drum (Birmingham) with the same artistic team behind The Maharajah & Kohinoor. Presented by Sampad in partnership with Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton.