5th July 2024

Artist Development: Shriya’s Journey with Sampad Training

Shriya, a young and accomplished dance artist recently had the opportunity to participate in the Sampad training session ‘Creativity and the Vulnerable Brain.’ Led by the Sampad learning team, this training emphasised working with care experienced children and vulnerable young people and how artists can adapt their practice to accommodate them.

This experience has impacted Shriya’s approach to her craft and her understanding of working with diverse demographics. We interviewed Shriya about her training session, and here’s what she shared:

What initially attracted you to participate in these training sessions?

Before the training, I had experience working with children; however, I did not have experience working with Special Educational Needs (SEN) children. The training immediately attracted me because I saw an opportunity not only to broaden my understanding of working with those with SEN but also, in general, to expand my appreciation for different demographics.

What new skills or techniques have you acquired during the training sessions?

I learnt about effective ways of planning work with children and the importance of being adaptable in order to be inclusive of any physical or mental barriers that I would not normally need to be cautious of, or in some cases even aware of. I also learnt about the kinds of trauma children can experience and concepts such as a ‘vulnerable brain,’ and how as an artist I can be accommodating of this and use my practice as a tool to create a safe space as opposed to triggering their trauma.

How do you plan to incorporate what you’ve learned into your future projects?

This training helped me learn about compassionate and inclusive practice and the importance of adaptability, which are highly important skills that I can apply to any practice I do. This will help me in the future when working with different demographics of dancers to form better relationships with any dancers I may work with and make pieces that people feel they can connect with.

Did you have opportunities to connect with other artists during the training sessions?

I had the opportunity to speak to several other artists during the sessions, most of whom followed a different artistic discipline to me. I found it extremely interesting to speak to them about different South Asian art forms, including visual arts, printing, film directing, and music as well as dance. It was also really interesting to learn about their experiences working with their respective art forms in SEN schools.

How do you think this training will impact your career trajectory as an artist?

I think this training will help me in the future when working with different demographics of dancers to form better relationships with any dancers I may work with and make pieces that people feel they can connect with. This training also reminded me of how beneficial the arts are to learning, development, and well-being. I found this extremely encouraging and is something that I can reflect on to motivate me to continue pursuing my career as an artist.

Looking back, what advice would you give to other artists considering similar training programmes?

This training teaches concepts that people will inevitably encounter and that are important in all walks of life, no matter your artistic discipline so I would definitely recommend making the most of opportunities like this. Not only will your career benefit from it but also you!

Shriya’s journey with Sampad showcases the power of learning and adapting. Her experiences highlight the importance of compassionate, inclusive practices and the endless possibilities that come from understanding and connecting with different demographics. As she continues her artistic journey, Shriya is equipped with new skills and a deeper appreciation for the diverse communities she will work with, paving the way for a fulfilling and impactful career.

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