21st March 2017

Sampad European Placements 2015-17: report published

Sampad European Placement Programme for Youth Workers, referred to as SEPP:YW, is a vocational placement project funded by Erasmus+.  The placements are for artists and producers involved with youth work and designed to give them a work based learning and networking experience. The work plan is designed to enhance skills and knowledge of the use of digital products and new media and technology.  These skills can then enhance their work in the field of arts and education.

“Had the best week working at Cinekid in Amsterdam. Learnt so much about creative technology and the endless imagination of children!” 

Between September 2015 and October 2016, Sampad sent 20 placements to Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria, and to Cinekid in Amsterdam.  Participant comments and more detail about the project can now be viewed or downloaded here:

SEPP:YW 2015-17 dissemination report.pdf

“This project has definitely taught me and enabled me to take risks and to use my own initiative to be creative. I took full advantage of the opportunity of travelling to a different city and working with an incredible organisation to take in and learn as much as possible.”

SEPP:YW 2015-17 was funded by Erasmus+ and supported by John Feeney Charitable Trust.

To register your interest for future Sampad placements, email Buzby Bywater buzby@sampad.org.uk